It’s a rare show that’s cancelled by a TV network and then brought back after a frenzy of fan protests. Even more rare, however, is a show that’s cancelled, brought back, cancelled for a second time and then resurrected years later.

It sounds bizarre, but that may be the case with Jericho, which was cancelled in 2007 after one low-rated season and then unexpectedly revived after fans barraged CBS headquarters with 20 tons of peanuts (a reference to a character saying, “Nuts!” to surrendering in the first-season finale).

The revival of the post-apocalyptic drama was seen by a victory for rabid, vocal fans of so-called cult TV shows, but when ratings stayed low in season two, CBS pulled the plug again — this time for good.

Or that’s what we thought until a recent report that there may be talks to bring the series back for a third time on Netflix, which has already revived Arrested Development. “You know [William Morris Endeavor] Angency, who represents me…they’ve been talking to Netflix and you never know,” said Jericho co-creator Stephen Chbosky in an interview with website Nerdacy. “I can’t say what it will be in season three, but I’m excited for the new developments.” As hardcore fans already know, the show may have ended but the story continues in comic-book form.

In the meantime, let’s hope nobody in the Netflix mailroom has a peanut allergy.