For what seems to be the 11 millionth straight week, The Big Bang Theory emerged as Canada’s most-watched show with 1.9 million viewers, but the nerd-friendly sitcom faced some stiff competition from the debut of The X Factor, which came in a close second with 1.8 million. MasterChef also continued to show strength, coming in a smidge below X Factor with just 100,000 fewer viewers to take third place.

The season debut of Glee came in fourth, with just over 1.7 million viewers tuning in to ogle scantily clad guest star Kate Hudson, while a rerun of Two and a Half Men claimed the No. 5 spot.

Saving Hope continued to be a strong performer for CTV, and its season finale came in at No. 6, followed by an episode of The Voice.

Amidst all the competition from the new fall lineup, Big Brother lost some ground; the previous week, all three of the week’s Big Brother episodes landed in the top 10, but this week only one episode made it in, landing at No. 9.

Meanwhile, The Mob Doctor made a solid debut, landing at 10th place, although the show didn’t perform nearly as well with American viewers.

Other shows to hit Canada’s top 30 included Hell’s Kitchen (No. 12), Anger Management (No. 15), The New Normal (No. 21) and the season finale of America’s Got Talent (No. 22).

Top 10 Shows in Canada — September 10-16, 2012 (Courtesy BBM Canada)

1. The Big Bang Theory (Thursday) (CTV)

2. The X Factor (Wednesday) (CTV)

3. MasterChef (CTV)

4. Glee (Global)

5. Two and a Half Men (CTV)

6. Saving Hope (CTV)

7. The Voice (Tuesday) (CTV)

8. CTV Evening News (CTV)

9. Big Brother (Wednesday) (Global)

10. The Mob Doctor (CTV)