More backstabbing catfights are coming our way, now that Slice has announced an early February air date for the second season of made-in-Canada reality-show hit The Real Housewives of Vancouver.

Last season’s premiere gave Slice the highest ratings it had ever seen, and hopes are high that Canadian viewers will return in even greater numbers for a second go-round, scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, February 5.

There have been some changes to the roster however; self-proclaimed “trophy wife” Christina Kiesel and Reiko McKenzie are both out, the latter making headlines when it was discovered that her “venture capitalist” husband was once charged (but subsequently aquitted) of a gang-related murder. Singer Mary Zilba, wine-making Ronnie Negus and litigious Jody Claman are returning, along with three new wives whose identities will be revealed in the new year.

In addition, Slice has also announced the long-awaited Canadian version of Big Brother, which will air three nights a week, beginning Wednesday, February 27.

“Slice is embarking on its biggest season to date with two Canadian adaptations of the world’s biggest franchises joining our winter slate, said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content with Shaw Media. “The record-breaking success of The Real Housewives of Vancouver‘s first season and the huge amount of excitement for Big Brother Canada to date reflect viewers’ fascination and passion for these series and we can’t wait to deliver!”

In addition, a Canadian version of Big Brother After Dark will air seven days a week, allowing viewers to get up close and personal with the Canadian housemates.