Sesamer Street puppeteer Kevin Clash, best known for being the man behind lovable red-furred Elmo, continues to be at the centre of a sex scandal that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Although the young man at the centre of the scandal, Sheldon Stephens, disavowed his original assertion that he was only 16 when he first had sex with Clash, TMZ is reporting that Stephens wants to recant the statement, which was reportedly the result of a US$125,000 settlement.

In the statement, Stephens (who is now 23) claimed that he was of legal age when he first entered  into a sexual relationship with Clash. However, TMZ is now reporting that Stephens is having second thoughts, claiming he was literally in tears when he signed the statement, and was pressured into signing. Now, reports TMZ, Stephens is willing to forfeit the money from the settlement in order to tell the truth: that he was indeed 16, which could result in criminal charges.

Neither Clash nor his attorney has made any further comment.