With Sharon Osbourne adamant that she won’t return to America’s Got Talent due to what she perceives as NBC’s shoddy treatment toward her son after his MS diagnosis got him bumped off the reality show Stars Earn Stripes, Simon Cowell’s talent competition is one judge short (or possibly three, as neither Howard Stern nor Howie Mandel have yet to officially sign on for a second season).

According to a report in the New York Post, however, Cowell has his eye on sexy Carmen Electra to fill Sharon’s chair. An anonymous source claims that Cowell “wanted to add her last year [as a fourth judge] but the network said no.”

In addition, Cowell had previously mentioned that he would like to add “somebody younger” to the panel: “A girl,” Cowell said. “Someone who will not be afraid of Sharon [Osbourne] and Howard and fight for a different type of act than they would.”

To fuel rumours, Cowell and the former Baywatch babe have recently been photographed together, with some tabloids speculating that the two are an item.

Meanwhile, Mandel is expected to sign on for another season — because seriously, what else has he got going on? — while Stern is reported to be interested in returning but first wants to see who’ll be sitting next to him. “Howard very much wants to come back,” says the source. “But he is waiting to see who else is going to be on the panel.”