More than 22 years after baffling, bewitching and ultimately frustrating viewers with one of TV’s weirdest series, rumours are swirling that David Lynch is secretly working to resurrect cult hit Twin Peaks.

When Twin Peaks debuted as a midseason replacement back in 1980, viewers became caught up the surreal story surrounding the mysterious death of teenager Laura Palmer. When the mystery was solved, however, and the show ambled through a strange yet aimless second season, ratings dropped and the show was cancelled. The failure of Lynch’s disappointing feature-film follow-up, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, seemingly nailed the coffin shut.

Now, is reporting that Lynch has been taking meetings with NBC about bringing the show back for a third season, with various Twitter postings indicating that the story would pick up shortly after the events of season two or taking place 25 years later but resolving some of the many hanging plot threads from the original.

So far, no comment either way from Lynch or NBC.