Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson has no shortage of manly advice to offer his co-workers, and the actor who plays him will follow suit now that actor Nick Offerman has signed a book deal to write his memoir.

According to the press release from Penguin, the book — to be titled Paddle Your Own Canoe: Nick Offerman’s Fundamentals for Delicious Living — will be a “humorous memoir peppered with salty treatises about the state of manhood.”

In addition to being an in-demand comic actor, Offerman (husband of former Will & Grace star Megan Mullally) is also an award-winning woodworker who has hand-crafted furniture, boats and, according to the press release, “specialty mustache combs.” The book will combine “Offerman’s trademark comic voice with his very real expertise in woodworking and other manly arts,” and “be a mix of humorous stories, opinionated rants, and fun-filled pieces like his ‘ode to bratwurst.’”

Paddle Your Own Canoe is scheduled for publication in October 2013.