After a week off the air to tape the season’s first America’s Got Talent auditions in New Orleans alongside Howie Mandel and new judges Mel B. and Heidi Klum, Howard Stern returned to his Sirius radio show on Monday only to face the wrath of longtime sidekick Robin Quivers.

Quivers blasted the last-minute addition of Klum to the judging table, questioning why a supermodel would be qualified to judge talent. “When I heard that Heidi Klum was the new judge, I was like, ‘Now I can’t watch the show.’ Because what does she mean to me?” blasted Quivers. “She was married to Seal. She wasn’t Seal. What is her credibility for telling people whether they can be in Las Vegas and do a show?”

“Don’t ask me,” Stern finally responded. “I didn’t hire her.

Stern tried to be diplomatic, describing Klum’s performance as “actually good,” and “she was fine,” but Quivers wasn’t buying it. “She was not good,” said Quivers. “Stop lying.”

Time will tell whether this new judging panel will deliver the goods, with Stern and his fellow judges heading to Texas next week for the San Antonio auditions.