Apparently Lindsay Lohan is not as broke as we thought — otherwise, why else would she turn down a mid-six-figure offer to trip the light fantastic on Dancing With the Stars?

That’s the story being reported by TMZ, which claims Lohan turned down a series of escalating offers that eventually hit US$550,000 that would see her appear on the next season of ABC’s celebreality hit.

According to TMZ, the reason Lohan declined the offer was because she doesn’t want to appear on reality TV, even though that may be the only employment option left to her at this point after her laughable performance in Liz & Dick and reports that her work in a low-budget indie called The Canyons is an epic train wreck (clips of Lohan’s performance have been lambasted all over the Internet, and the film was reportedly turned down by the Sundance film festival).

“After The Canyons fiasco, she’s basically made herself unhireable,” says TMZ’s story. “And, as the saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers.” (Lohan is on the hook for hundreds of thousands in back taxes, and has had her bank accounts frozen by the IRS).