Jimmy Kimmel made his 11:35 p.m. debut last night, joined by A-list guest star Jennifer Aniston as, for the first time in TV history, three late-night talk shows competed head-to-head in the time slot once ruled by Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.

Aniston made a memorable entrance when she smashed Kimmel’s desk to smithereens with a sledgehammer, declaring, “Out with the old, in with the new — we’re going to 11:30!”

When Kimmel pointed out that the desk she was destroying was actually brand new, she joked. “Can I say, not a very well made desk.” As if that wasn’t wacky enough, Aniston then proceeded to give Kimmel a haircut.

The first 11:35 airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live landed impressive ratings, beating The Late Show With David Letterman in terms of total viewers and edging close to Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, separated by a slim margin of just 177,000 viewers. Although this likely won’t be a long-term trend once the initial novelty wears off, expect Kimmel to steal viewers from both Leno and Letterman, who both stand to lose in this three-way ratings race.