Jimmy Fallon has just released Blow My Pants Off, a CD compilation of some of the funniest musical sketches from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, ranging from his dead-on impression of Bob Dylan singing the ‘Charles in Charge’ theme song to his duet on ‘Scrambled Eggs’ with Paul McCartney. Yet this CD is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Fallon’s tuneful spoofs — here’s a sampling of some other memorable musical moments from Fallon, with special guests including Bruce Springsteen, Will Ferrell and the cast of Glee.

Pants on the Ground

A pop-culture sensation after “General” Larry Platt sang his self-created ode to low-riding trousers for his American Idol audition, Fallon recast the song as a Gold Rush-era Neil Young ballad, introducing viewers to what is arguably the world’s greatest Neil Young impression. According to Fallon, he subsequently ran into Young, who jokingly thanked Fallon for giving him his biggest hit in years.


Sexy and I Know It

After dueting (as Neil) with ’70s-attired Bruce Springsteen on a cover of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair,” the Boss returned for a second duet with Fallon/Neil. In this one, Bruce puts on his Born in the USA-era duds for a majestic, dirge-like take on the LMFAO party hit.



Melding Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie with kneeling quarterback Tim Tebow was an inspired idea that came to fruition with Fallon’s hilarious “Tebowie” version of “Major Tom.” Fallon took another kick at the can with this “Ziggy” spoof: “And then came John Elway/And he kicked him right in his balls…”


Born to Run

As host of the 2010 Emmy Awards, Fallon kicked off the show with this star-studded, over-the-top opening number, enlisting the help of the cast of Glee, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Betty White, Jorge Garcia, Joel McHale, Randy Jackson and others for a glee-club cover of the Springsteen classic.


Elton John/Boyz II Men/Green Day

In another segment during the 2010 Emmys, Fallon sang musical tributes to three TV series that were ending their runs: as Elton John in a “Candle in the Wind” salute to 24; a Boyz II Men spoof lamenting the end of Law & Order; and as Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong with an ode to Lost sung to the theme of “(Good Riddance) Time of Your Life”: “The island it was mythical/ and in the end they died/  I didn’t understand it but I tried.”


Don’t Tell Me

While hosting the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, Fallon goofed on Madonna’s recent video, with Kirsten Dunst joining him for this remarkably well-choreographed take on “Don’t Tell Me” that includes dancing gorillas in cowboy hats.


Tight Pants

During a May 2012 episode of Late Night, Fallon teamed up with former SNL cast-mate Will Ferrell for a duet about two mop-topped weirdos in musical competition over which of them has the tightest pants. Spoiler alert: Ferrell wins.


Parents Just Don’t Understand

Who knew that Fallon’s grandfather hosted a 1920s radio show with the grandfather of Will Smith? Here’s the evidence, including the origins of “Getting Jiggy With It” and a prescient plug for Men in Black 3. Hot peanut!


Slow Jam the News with Barack Obama

NBC news anchor Brian Williams often drops by Late Night for the recurring bit called Slow Jamming the News, and Fallon made political history when he enlisted U.S. President Barack Obama to do it with him. In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Fallon revealed that the president’s mike-dropping move at the end of the segment, reminiscent of Eminem in 8 Mile, was completely unrehearsed.