Despite a perceived rivalry between the popular “Animation Domination” shows, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has recorded a vocal cameo for an appearance on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

MacFarlane will appear in an upcoming episode titled “Dangers on a Train,” which is scheduled to air next fall as the season-25 premiere. According to Entertainment Weekly, MacFarlane will voice a dashing stranger that Marge Simpson meets on a train, and the two bond over their shared love of the popular British costume drama Upton Rectory.

MacFarlane has previously lent his voice to Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s other show, Futurama, back in 2009, but this marks the first time he’s visited Springfield. “We thought we had a great part that he’d be perfect for, and it would be great to have him on our show, so it worked out just right,” says Simpsons exec producer Al Jean. “There’s been a little rivalry,” he admits. “We’re both humour shows and we make jokes, but it’s always been friendly.”