Now that the Emmy nominations were announced this morning — by pajama-clad Jimmy Kimmel, subbing for AWOL Nick Offerman when the Parks and Recreation star couldn’t get out of the East Coast in time — I can announce my nominations in the anti-awards show I like to call the Snubbys, a.k.a. “Who Didn’t Get Nominated But Totally Should Have.” This year’s nominees are:

  • Louie — doesn’t it seem a little weird that Louis C.K. got a whopping seven nominations but his eponymous comedy series didn’t make it into the Outstanding Comedy Series category? What’s up with that?
  • Shameless, which featured fantastic performances by Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy, received only one nod, a well-deserved Best Actress nom for Joan Cusack.
  • Community — OK, so it got one measly nomination, for Best Comedy Writing, but the show deserves a lot more than that after such a brilliantly twisted season.
  • Mandy Patinkin in Homeland — sure, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis both got nominations, but Patinkin absolutely owned his role, and should have easily won a Best Supporting Actor nod.
  • Nick Offerman — how Parks and Recreations’s secret weapon got shut out is beyond me, while pretty much every single cast-member of Modern Family got a nod. I may have to drown my sorrows with a big plate of bacon-wrapped shrimp, which, as we all know, is Ron Swanson’s No.1 favourite food wrapped around his No. 3 favourite food.
  • The Walking Dead — three nominations for prosthetic makekup, visual effects and sound editing…that’s it? Have zombies eaten Emmy voters’ brains?
  • Sons of Anarchy — seriously, zero nominations for one of the most awesome shows on television? Sure, Downton Abbey is fine, but when are Emmy voters going to show a little love to one of my all-time favourite shows, which just keeps getting better with each season?
  • Justified — star Timothy Olyphant was snubbed in the Best Actor in a Drama category, while the show was left out of the Best Drama Series category, two big snubs for another of my all-time favourite shows. I mean, do the Emmy voters even watch television?