After months of denying rumours that her job was in jeopardy at ABC morning yakfest The View, right-wing former Survivor contestant Elisabeth Hasselbeck has decided to quit, presumably before she got fired.

According to Variety, ABC issued a statement late Tuesday afternoon announcing that Hasselbeck was leaving to take a job with Fox & Friends on the right-leaning Fox News network. Her final day on the show will be Wednesday, July 10.

“For a decade, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has brought her passion and strong beliefs to The View,” says the statement. “We watched her journey from newlywed to motherhood, an Emmy Award-winning talk show host, author, entrepreneur and activist. She stood behind her political views even if they were not the most popular opinions at the table never shying away from voicing a difficult question. We thank Elisabeth and wish her luck as she begins this new chapter of her career.”

Hasselbeck’s co-host (and exec producer) Barbara Walters, who will be leaving the show next summer, added: “When Elisabeth survived Survivor we wanted to make sure she would stay afloat. We have had 10 wonderful years with her and she will now be swimming in new waters. We will miss her and wish her everything good.”

Meanwhile, Us Weekly cites an earlier story in which a View“insider” claims that Hasselbeck was going to be let go, but was given the opportunity to line up a new job first in order to save face and not make Barbara Walters look like the villain, with producers “leaving the door open for Elisabeth to announce she is leaving on her own when she is ready . . . they don’t want to make her look bad and don’t want to make the show look bad for canning her.”

As previously reported, The View is currently in serious discussions with former Playmate Jenny McCarthy to replace Joy Behar, who’ll also be leaving the show, while Brooke Shields is rumoured to be the frontrunner to replace Hasselbeck. Stay tuned.