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Storage Wars Canada – Review

Do we really need a Canadian version of Storage Wars, the A&E hidden-treasures reality hit? I mean, Storage Wars ...

August 28, 2013 Reviews
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Sci-fi fans, prepare to become instantly addicted to the stunning new series ‘Defiance’

Defiance is a thriving, heavily fortified boomtown that grew atop the crumbled ruins of St. Louis. Or at least ...

April 15, 2013 Reviews
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‘Vikings’ episode 6 recap: Fight, fight, fight!

By Carole Bezuidenhout Debilitating injuries aside, Ragnar plans to face the Earl in single combat. We kick off this ...

April 11, 2013 Reviews
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The name is Lothbrok, Ragnar Lothbrok

By Carole Bezuidenhout Last week’s preview for this episode promised major swashbuckling action. Now, the question ...

April 03, 2013 Reviews
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Ricky Gervais shines a light on society’s outsiders in ‘Derek’

Ricky Gervais sure can’t be accused of playing it safe. Whether it’s his edgy material as Golden Globes host or ...

March 28, 2013 Reviews
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Twist in the serpent’s tail: ‘Vikings’ Ep. 4 recap

by Carole Bezuidenhout (Spoilers ahead!) In this episode, Ragnar and his merry band of cutthroats raid their second ...

March 26, 2013 Reviews
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‘Vikings’ Episode 3: Not your garden-variety Viking

by Carole Bezuidenhout We have reached that stage in the series where we have a reasonable sense of the main players ...

March 19, 2013 Reviews
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‘Bates Motel’ reveals the mother behind the ‘Psycho’

Few film characters are more iconic than maniacal Norman Bates, indelibly played by Anthony Perkins in Alfred ...

March 18, 2013 Reviews
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Binging on Netflix’s game-changing, addictive drama ‘House of Cards’

It wasn’t that long ago that the term “online series” connoted something that was shorter, cheaper and ...

February 11, 2013 Reviews
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‘The Americans’ will force you to root for Commies, and you’ll love it

by Brynn Gerrity, special to ShawConnectTV When the TV series M*A*S*H premiered in 1972, it quickly became one of the ...

January 22, 2013 Reviews