'Wilfred' TV series on set filming, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, America - 28 Mar 2011 Comments Off

Two Wilfreds, two different comedies

Wilfred, FX’s comedy about a suicidal man who sees the neighbour’s dog as a talkative, dope-smoking guy in a dog ...

June 20, 2013 Features
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HBO climbs Christopher Guest’s ‘Family Tree’

It’s been said that the two most common Internet searches are for pornography and genealogy. With this in mind ...

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Futurama Cancelled Yet Again – Don’t You Believe It!

Television can kiss Futurama’s shiny, metal ass.  Though it has never achieved the respect of  sister series The ...

May 03, 2013 Features
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Big Brother Canada… and then there were 3!

Haven’t checked out Big Brother Canada yet? Well, it’s not too late – though almost. With only three ...

May 02, 2013 Features
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A misunderstood decade gets its due in ‘The ’80s: The Decade That Made Us’

Mr. T pitied the fools who didn’t watch his hit TV show The A Team. Bill Cosby and his garish sweaters ruled ...

April 12, 2013 Features
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Silence at the water cooler

The office drones type furiously, heads down, sending instant messages from one desk to its neighbour, extolling the ...

April 10, 2013 Features
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Former Talk Show Host Seeks Work – Willing To Relocate

So what does the future hold for Jay Leno? The Tonight Show host will be stepping down (maybe – you never know with ...

April 10, 2013 Features
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TV lets us choose — and we all lose

Hawaii Five-0’s January 14th episode was a unique experience for viewers - offering them the one-time ...

February 18, 2013 Features
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Duchess Dunham: How a 26-year-old is rewriting TV

After the first season of HBO’s Girls wrapped in mid-June, after 10 episodes of good sex, awkward sex, bathroom ...

January 11, 2013 Features
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Fearless Golden Globe TV predictions

Predicting Golden Globe winners is a fool’s game. The awards – to be presented Sunday night – are always ...

January 11, 2013 Features