In an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, look for Springfield news anchor Kent Brockman to seek advice from Aaron Sorkin, creator of the news-based HBO drama The Newsroom.

According to Entertainment Weekly, deep-voiced Brockman (voiced by Harry Shearer) considers a career change, and asks Sorkin what he should do. “Kent has decided that local news has been a real mistake and a terrible career move for him,” says Simpsons executive producer Al Jean. “He wants to interview with a big cable news channel and goes to Fox News.” As EW reports, Sorkin will appear “in a thought bubble above Brockman’s head and advises the anchor on whether or not he should work for the cable channel.”

The episode — titled “Four Regrettings and a Funeral” — will air sometime during the show’s upcoming 25th season, and will also feature guest voices Joe Namath and Gordon Ramsay.