Wednesday’s inaugural premiere of The Bachelor Canada introduced us to 25 young ladies, all vying for the affection of the bachelor of the hour, Brad Smith.

The season promo teased us to believe that the 29-year-old Quebec native may be left with nothing but an empty proposal at the end of his journey…? (re: cut to the shot of Brad with a tear running down his face). He remains tight-lipped about whether or not he found love on the reality TV show, but Brad says, “I think the outcome is realistic. I won the lotto to be put in this situation.”

Though he won’t reveal if he’s engaged, we sat down with the handsome (and particularly witty and well-spoken) ex-CFL player at The Bachelor Canada-Rimmel London event, to get the scoop both on and off the set. Here are 10 little-known facts about Brad and the show.

  1. Brad’s only had one serious relationship before – with a girl he dated for over two years during university.
  2.  Brad became the ‘Bachelor’ after a nomination from his buddy who ran into an old friend-slash- casting director.
  3. The first cocktail party (as seen in the premiere) lasted a whopping 14 hours from start to finish!
  4. “I have a decent memory actually,” Brad confesses. During the first cocktail hour, all the bachelorettes were seated on the couch and one contestant challenged Brad to see if he knew everyone’s names. He proceeded to name every single one of the 35 ladies (pre-rose ceremony).
  5. Spoiler alert! Of the four to five date destinations, New Orleans was Brad’s favourite.
  6. The first time all the girls met is when they stepped into the limo.
  7. Spoiler alert! He gave the very first impression rose to Whitney because rather than giving a speech about herself (like many girls did, ugh), Brad explained that she took a back seat and seemed very interested in getting to know him.
  8. Brad lost 30 lbs. before starting taping – after football season ended last November.
  9. During the off-season, Brad worked in PR and with his brother’s consulting firm.
  10. Final reveal. Our bachelor loves… Wendy’s.  (No, she’s not one of the bachelorettes, but the fast food chain!)

Catch The Bachelor Canada Wednesday nights on Citytv.