After all those episodes of drunken debauchery, mindless violence and unapologetic stupidity, a few incidents stand out like a stray hair on Snooki’s pouf.


I punched a girl, and I liked it

Snooki got into an altercation with a Queens gym teacher whom she accused of ripping of cocktails from the Jersey Shore Crew, and when she mouthed off at him he punched her in the face. As you’d expect, he got arrested while Snooki — for once — had a valid reason to get wasted.


Grenades vs. landminses: Discuss

Attention students — Prof. Situation is about to begin his lecture. Today’s topic: How to differentiate between “grenades” and “landmines.”


Ronnie helps the Situation hit the wall

When testosterone-heavy musclehead Ronnie goes into one of his trademark “Hulk smash” rages, the Situation has had enough, and goes into a rage of his own. Thus begins the legendary Battle of the Knuckleheads…which Ronnie won with a single punch. As the Sitch learned, six-pack abs aren’t much help in a fistfight.


Pauly D is mad

Hey, Ronnie and the Situation and Snooki and angry drink-stealing gym teachers aren’t the only ones who get mad, and dj Pauly D wants us all to know he’s steaming like a bucketful of clams: “I’m mad at you for being mad at me for no reason.” There’s an elegant logic to that.


Ronnie & Sammi: True love, Jersey style

They’re together, they’re split, they’re together, they’re spilt; frankly, who can keep up with this pair? When they weren’t making up, they were usually engaged in some sort of window-rattling brawl


JWoww and Sammi’s killer catfight

Speaking of brawls, Jwoww and Sammi “Sweetheart” got into it as well; why let the boys hog all the brawling camera time?


Snooki & Vinny, smushing in a tree…

After a fight with her boyfriend (and future baby-daddy) Jionni, Snooki instantly hopped into bed with Ronny. Tough to tell if any smushing actually occurred, since the night-vision video is about as clear as the Zapruder film, but you don’t often go wrong when you assume the worst with this bunch.


Snooki’s drunk and disorderly day at the beach

A day of sun and sand turned into fingerprints and handcuffs, and headlines were made when the Snookster was a drunken, combative mess until New Jersey’s finest arrived to haul her to the pokey.


How do you say “bad driver” in Italian?

The gang’s trip to Italy was marred by numerous international incidents, but the authorities became involved with Snooki had a fender bender with a local police car.


What time is it? It’s t-shirt time!

Everybody knows about the all-important GTL, but equally crucial is that moment when the boys select their t-shirts before heading out for a night of drunken debauchery. So important is this ritual, they had to create its own theme song: