Earlier today you might have noticed that everyone on Twitter momentarily went crazy and tweeted endlessly about Facebook Connect destroying the web. And it’s true – for a brief moment, a Facebook Connect glitch did take down many major sites including the Huffington Post, Salon, MSNBC, CNN, Yelp, and more.

If you were logged into Facebook when you visited one of those sites, you’d automatically be re-directed to Facebook.com and promptly be displayed an error message. If you logged out, it would resolve the issue. Not an ideal situation for any user to say the least.

Despite the oopsie moment, Facebook managed to correct the problem quickly and alerted users that the glitch had been resolved. Good on them for being “on it”, but it’s likely that many of the websites afected by the bug are seriously re-thinking how deeply integrated Facebook is in their functionality.

(Via TechCrunch)