Do you remember Clarke Griswold, Chevy Chase’s bumbling father character in the holiday classic ‘Christmas Vacation’? Clarke dreamed of hosting a perfect holiday gathering, complete with decking out his house with tens of thousands of lights. As you may recall, Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Margo Chester, the Griswold’s ‘too cool for Christmas’ yuppie neighbour. Margo hates the Griswold’s, and at one point is blinded temporarily when Clarke’s lights finally come on. Well, no matter how much you like your neighbour you could easily become the Margo to their Clarke if they decided to do what this guy did.

PSY’s viral hit ‘Gangnam Style’ was inescapable this year. The quirky horse dance was kind of fun for a little bit. Quite frankly, I’m a bit tired of it – but probably not as much as the poor suckers living next door to the guy who built an automated Christmas light display on his house that syncs up to the Korean pop anthem. For us on the outside however, it is a fun watch – check it out below!