Whether you like to keep tabs on your health because you’re into fitness or it’s necessary for you to track certain vitals, you might enjoy the Tinke Wellness Monitor. It’s an all-in-one diagnosis generator that fits right in the palm of your hand. The Tinke is capable of monitoring your blood oxygen levels, heart, and respiratory rates. It can even interpret your heart rate variability into your level of stress.

All of the data is uploaded and compiled to provide users with a measurement on the online Vita index.

As a young and generally healthy individual, I can’t see myself using this. And generally, I already have apps I use to track whatever wellness progress I’m looking to monitor. Fitness addicts, however, might find the Tinke useful. It is an interesting concept, though I predict it will only serve a very niche demographic.

The Tinke comes in a variety of colours and will set you back $119 USD.