Earlier this week we brought you the story of some clever kids who took their father up on a challenge to get 1 million likes on a photo in order to get a new puppy. Well we are proud to report back that after only a few hours online and achieving their goal, the family picked up their new pet and posted the above image on their Facebook page along with the following message:

Today the North Shore Animal League America on Long Island invited the kids to see some of their rescued puppies. We had a great visit with five great dogs and the girls chose to take Millie home! Thanks to those of you who suggested Millie for a million-vote puppy. We’re so excited to welcome this new member to our household. Thanks so much to North Shore for inviting us.

So there you have it!  Perhaps some of you even contributed to this online sensation, so you can feel good that your ‘Like’ helped to bring a new pet to a family who really wanted one and also helped to rescue a puppy in the process.  If you want to see video of the dog (who does not yet have a Facebook profile to the best of our knowledge!) you can also check it out here.