You can play with any ball, but Sphero is next level. It’s not just a ball, it’s a ball with a robot inside! Your kids will want to play with it, your pets will want to play with it, and let’s be honest – you’ll definitely want to play with it too.

Sphero is a robotic gaming console that you control via tilting, touching, or swinging your tablet or smartphone while running a corresponding app. Draw a shape on your touchscreen and Sphero will follow. Swing your device like a golfclub and Sphero will act like a golfball. There are so many apps available for Sphero that the game possibilities are endless.

Sphero works with both iOS and Android devices, and this thing is all terrain. It’s waterproof and durable so it can virtually go anywhere!

Sphero would make an incredible Christmas present for anyone on your list! It’ll set you back $129. Not bad for a toy that will only get more interesting as more apps are developed.