David’s Bridal recently unveiled the results of of a survey they conducted about social media and it’s role in altering today’s wedding etiquette. The company polled 1,262 Canadian recently engaged brides-to-be about their upcoming celebrations and how Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media services are playing a role in them.

From live-tweeting your nuptials to creating a customized hashtag for guests to include in their Instagram posts at the reception – social media is definitely changing the way we wed.

Here are some of the top trends David’s Bridal uncovered in their research:

  • Live streaming weddings is on the rise. While 9% plan to do so (or did), 30% of brides are open to the idea.
  • 68% of brides think it’s acceptable to announce their engagement on Facebook.
  • 58% of brides plan to log into their social media networks on their wedding day.
  • 79% of brides plan to share photos from their big day with their Facebook networks and 43% intend to share their honeymoon photos too.
  • Planning weddings is no longer the secretive activity it used to be. 48% of brides are using public Pinterest boards to collect inspiration for decor, dress options, theme colours, and more!
  • Nearly 50% of brides and grooms will update their Facebook status to “Married” within a week of tying the knot.