Picture this: You duck into your favourite record store and as you’re perusing through the bins, you see the rare album you’ve been hunting for. Only attached to it are a pair of hands. You look up and standing there, holding onto your record is your musical soulmate. What a serendipitous moment! But how often does that happen in real life?

Serendip is a new app for iOS that creates the opportunity to connect with your musical soulmates in real time, wherever they may be in the world. It connects users with similar musical tastes and creates a continuous playlist based on the music being shared.

Just sign into the app using Twitter or Facebook, and create your user profile. The app will automatically “find” your existing friends and follow them (unless you don’t want to). Then you tell the app who your favourite artists are.

The app is basically a never-ending playground for music lovers. In addition to hooking you up with kindred spirits, the app will recommend DJs to follow based on your preferences, and you’ll see a continuous wave of people who like what you like (and will inevitably like other things you might like, hence opening you up to new sounds in the process). The app also allows you to share what you’re listening to across your social networks, and connects you to YouTube for a visual experience in addition to an audio one.

As a music lover, I’d say this all sounds pretty exciting. And the best part? It’s totally free.

(Via The Next Web)