Researchers at the CNRS-AIST Joint Robotics Laboratory have created a robot that can be manipulated by human brainwaves.

Using a standard Brain Computer Interface (BCI), the human “controller” straps on an electrode-studded cap capable of reading brain activity, then brainwaves are translated into commands and sent to the Android body.

If the robot’s pilot concentrates on a forward arrow, the robot will march forward. If the pilot focuses on an arrow pointing left, the robot walks to the left. You get the idea here.

The team hopes their work will help create robots capable of restoring quality of life for patients suffering from paralysis.

Researchers are still working out all the bugs, but based on the video below, I think it’s safe to say this technology is pretty close to where it needs to be to start making lives a lot better for many people around the globe.

Let’s just hope these robots remain in the right hands though. I’m not ready for an iRobot-style revolution just yet– are you?

(Via GeekOSystem)