Breaking up with someone you love (or loved) isn’t easy. Even harder? Logging into Facebook and dealing with your ex’s comments, photos, likes, and worse yet – the dreadful status change to “single”. Luckily, there’s a new app that can help you eliminate your ex’s presence on your Facebook timeline with one simple click. It’s called KillSwitch, and it launches on February 14th. How fitting.

The app costs just $0.99 to install. Not a bad fee for ticking that awful chore off your to do list. There is a catch, though. You still have to be friends with your ex for the app to do its job. If you dramatically nixed them from your friend list in a moment of anger, this will have to be a manual job for you. A bottle of wine might help, just saying.

To use the app, target your ex from your friend list. The app then crawls your profile for any photos, videos, wall posts, status updates, etc. linked to or tagged with that person’s Facebook ID. Once it’s located everything, you are presented with the option of deleting everything at once, or going through and deleting specific things.

The crawling process can be a little long. In tests, depending on connectivity, the whole thing can take upwards of 15 minutes based on 4,000 posts. It’s a bit of a commitment, but that’s an easy price to pay for the freedom that comes with the results. Once the app finishes its business, it’ll be like the relationship never happened… online. You’ll still have to sort through the crap he or she left at your place. Too bad there’s no app for that.

An added bonus here is that the app won’t just work to heal your heart. Every app purchased benefits the American Heart Association of New York. That’s nice.

(Via Mashable)