Don’t worry, Nintendo isn’t distancing itself from console development, but it did just release an interactive Pokémon “Pokédex” for iOS.  Pokédex is basically a giant encyclopedia of Pokémon knowledge you can carry with you wherever you go. You never know when you’re going to need to bust out some Pokémon facts.

For just $2 users can purchase the Pokédex app for any Apple device dating back to the iPhone 3GS. But if you want the app to contain information on all 640 Pokémon, you’ll need to purchase three upgrade packs at $5.99 a piece. That’s where they get you.

True Pokémon geeks are probably scoffing at this, because they would have downloaded the free version of the Pokédex, previously available on Nintendo’s 3DS. But if you’re a procrastinating-type who put it off, open up those wallets!

(Via Engadget)