Remember Internet Explorer?  Well it remembers you, and it definitely remembers its youth growing up in the ’90’s when it was the king of browsers. Internet Explorer would like to remind you of our collective past, of its roots in 1990’s culture alongside many forgotten fads as a means to stir that sentiment of initial discovery you experienced with it.

This is part of Microsoft’s tongue in cheek campaign around the ‘browser you loved to hate‘ in an effort to win you back to try out their current browser IE9, which isn’t all that bad really.  I strongly suggest downloading it if you are visiting this page using any broswer version lower than 9 to be honest (our developers would love you for doing so!), and if you are a converted FireFox or Chrome user it’s worth checking out as well.  And if somehow you are visiting us using an old copy of Netscape Explorer that came on some CD-ROM in the mail…please tell us how this is even possible!