In the United States, Twitter feeds are now chock-full of images. Twitter recently implemented a new feature that automatically displays photos and Vine videos without having to click on a link in order to make content visible. The change works for iOS and Android devices we well as in browser.

While the update hasn’t yet made it’s way to Canada – it will. And like all change, updates are hard. If you’re already feeling anxiety over Twitter’s new auto-display, here’s how you can opt out.

If you’re running the app, head on over to your settings and deselect the “Image Previews” tab. It’s that easy! If you’re in a browser on a desktop – it’s a little more complicated. You can’t exactly turn the feature off, but you can choose to “be alerted when sensitive content comes across your feed”. AKA, no nudity and other NSFW content will appear in your stream when you’re in public. That’s handy.

What do you think of Twitter’s new update? Exciting and fresh or too much like Facebook?

(Via Mashable)