You may have heard of Google’s ‘Project Glass’ a lot in the past year. The augmented-reality eyeglasses have been the talk of Google lovers since the project was first announced. But until today, we had no clue as to how the interface would look, work, or feel.

Luckily, this morning Google released a series of photos and videos to help paint the picture, and boy does it look awesome. Here are a few key features and tidbits to know as the product’s release date draws nearer:

  • To command the headset, you just say, “Okay, Glass”
  • It can then take photos or videos of what you’re seeing
  • It can look up answers to your questions using Google
  • It can receive, display, and send messages
  • It can run a Google+ hangout (the user sees the participants while they see what the host sees)
  • It can display reminders as well as real-time information like flight updates, etc.

(Via Mashable)