After you read this story you won’t know whether to be happy or horrified. Wherever your moral barometer sits, you have to admit that Bob’s story is an impressive one.

Bob – whose name has been changed – was a ‘model’ employee at a software development company. In fact, the company referred to him as one of their best. He earned over $250,000 a year, and kept a pretty low profile around the office. That is, until he was caught outsourcing his job to a Chinese subcontractor.

Bob was paying a Chinese company approximately $50,000 a year to do his work, then spent his days surfing Reddit, eBay, Facebook, and watching cat videos.

He was caught when his employer thought the company’s computer system had been attacked by a virus. Worried about security breaches, the company performed a further inspection to identify any unusual activity. They indeed found some – seeing that someone was connecting to their network from China every day using Bob’s PIN credentials. After they searched his desktop, they found many invoices from a Chinese firm for the work Bob is supposed to do daily.


(Via The Globe and Mail)