Facebook already gives you the option of muting friends you get tired of seeing in your News Feed, but that option seems quite lacklustre. Muting someone doesn’t inform them that their posts are annoying you. But a new free Facebook app does.

Defriendtion posts a detention note-style warning to your annoying friend’s Timeline. You can choose the duration of the time-out and, if you’re really interested in embarrassing them, you can post the notice to Twitter too.

No, the app doesn’t actually serve the purpose of blocking any content from your Feed, but it should get the message across that you’ve had enough of their cat photos, or whatever else bothers you. It’s not that Defriendtion doesn’t want to offer that feature, Facebook just doesn’t let any third-party app have that kind of control over the Feed.

Personally, I don’t think I’d want to make my feelings known by publicly shaming my friends. But for those of you that would feel comfortable doing so, Defriendtion might be for you!

(Via Mashable)