On Friday, September 6th, at the Wallops/Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, the Minotaur 5 rocket shot the LADEE spacecraft into a blastoff that no one knew would go viral. And yet today, September 12th, it did. LADEE’s sendoff didn’t garner attention for its blastoff, but rather, the frog that launched with it.

Yes, a remote camera at the site of the launch captured a photo that is equal parts hilarious and sad. While we hope the little frog is okay, it’s safe to say this amphibian has “croaked”.

You might be wondering, “Why was a frog lounging at a launchpad?” Well, the Spaceport has a pool for the high-volume water deluge system that activates during launches to ensure the pad isn’t damaged and to help with noise suppression. Maybe this tiny frog was enjoying a dip before receiving the surprise of its life.

R.I.P. NASA frog. That was one small hop for you, but one giant leap for frogkind.

(Via Discovery News)