Parents are proud when their teenager wins an academic award, scores a big goal, and doesn’t have more than a few “absent” days listed on their report cards. But how proud would you be if your teenager decided they wanted to steer clear of Facebook for a while? That’d be a moment to really celebrate!

That’s exactly what fourteen-year-old Rachel Baier decided for herself. In an attempt to earn some cash and stop getting distracted so much by Facebook, she chose to take a break from it. Her doting dad, Paul Baier decided to help her reach that goal by giving her some added incentive. He drafted a contract that stated he’d pay her $200 if she does not use Facebook from February 4th to June 26th – five whole months. Dad gets access to her Facebook account’s password so he can completely deactivate it.

Rachel will likely go back to using Facebook when her five months are up, but we should all applaud her for intentionally removing herself from that world and experiencing the real one for a while.

(Via Gizmodo)