Parents might want to re-think their “unachievable challenges” before they utter the next one to their children – or you might be honouring some promises you didn’t expect to keep!

The story goes like this:

Girls want puppy. Dad says, “Sure, if you get 1 million ‘Likes’ on Facebook” – basically the equivalent to “Sure, when pigs fly.” The two sisters post the above image on the massive social network. Less than 7 hours later, the kids get their wish.

The sisters created a Facebook page to house the campaign entitled Twogirlsandapuppy. On the page, the girls shared the story of their previous dog dying of cancer last year.

As the Likes began rolling in faster than they could count them, the family was shocked to see the numbers surpass any of their expectations.

The family posted this when they realized they had reached their goal:

Social Media: 1, Dad: 0

The family will be posting updates as they search for their new family member. What a cute story.

(Via Mashable)