Sony unveiled a whole slew of innovative and interesting new products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but here are two of the most exciting ones in the bunch:

The Waterproof and Wire-Free Walkman  

There’s nothing worse than working out with headphones, only to damage them with sweat and water. With Sony’s new Walkman Sports MP3 Player, you don’t have to worry. They’re waterproof – safe for the gym, or hey, even the pool! In addition to their durability, Sony says the device provides users with crystal clear audio and deep bass quality.

At $89.99 this MP3 player seems like a great (and more affordable) iPod alternative you don’t have to worry about getting wet.

The New Camera Line With Wi-Fi, Waterproofing and Tons of Bells and Whistles

Sony’s new Cyber-shot compact camera line boasts a wide range of impressive features at very reasonable prices to boot. There are five new models total (the WX80, W730, W710, TF1 and H200) and every user – no matter what their needs are – can find a camera in this bunch that will work for them. This line definitely has a camera for everyone.

In addition to their unique differences, they also share a few awesome universal features:

  • The “Beauty Effect” feature, which allows users to perform mild retouching on photos, like skin toning and smoothing, teeth whitening, eye widening, and shine removal.
  • Advanced Flash which boosts the camera’s sensitivity to make it super effective in low-light.
  • The 360 Sweep Panorama mode enables easy, seamless panoramic shots.

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