Apple’s decision to make the switch to the Lightning port from its original 30-pin connector for the iPhone 5, new iPods and new iPads was a bittersweet moment for the company’s fans. Yes, the new connector meant more possibilities for Apple devices, but it also meant purchasing backordered adapters for every now-obsolete accessory they’ve come to love over the years. Not to mention the fact that it sucks having just one charger as opposed to the two or three most of us have accumulated over the years.

Luckily, Belkin is here to help soften the blow to our hearts and wallets. They’ve created the first officially sanctioned third-party Lightning accessories. Their line features a Charge + Sync Dock for the iPhone 5 as well as a Car Charger for Lightning. While not the shiniest or most impressive tech accessories on the market, they’re cleverly filling a very noticeable gap.

The accessories will be available in mid-November and are up for pre-order now for $30.

(Via Engadget)