Your online presence is more important than ever. These days, employers are more likely than not to check you out online prior to hiring you, and what they find for better or for worse will influence their opinion of you.

For this reason, tidying up your social media accounts and anything that shows up about you in a simple Google search is imperative. It’s nearly impossible to fully delete every incriminating photo you didn’t think would come back to haunt you from college, but there are apps that can help you remove most of the dirt you might want to hide.

One app, in particular, is called DeleteMeMobile. It just launched for iOS devices this week and already has thousands of users. That tells you something about the necessity of an app like this. It works to strip away your personal information from the web.

The app is free for searching. Users can see what information it can find on you, and allows you to decide from there whether or not it’s worth a $24.99 subscription fee to remove an unlimited amount of data from the Internet.

(Via Mashable)