Normally a story about a celebrity sending out a simple Tweet doesn’t mean a thing, it literally happens millions of times a day. But when said celeb is also the new creative director for BlackBerry and appears to be sending out these messages via an iPhone, we take notice.

The pop star/newly minted tech executive sent out a fairly boring tweet, quoting the chorus from Drakes’ new single and stating “Started from the bottom now we here”. Those paying attention however immediately noticed that directly below the message, the Twitter source showed that it was sent via ‘Twitter for iPhone’.  The tweet was deleted shortly thereafter, at which time the singer claimed to be the victim of cybercrime – you know, those hardened cyber criminals who hack celebrity Twitter accounts to post a few song lyrics:

So what do you think? Was BlackBerry’s new creative director the victim of a hack – perhaps even exposing some security vulnerabilities in the Twitter platform on the iPhone in the process (that would be a ‘creative spin’!), or is Alicia Keys still a secret iPhone user? There is a slight possibility that someone else had access to her Twitter account, probably not a hacker but potentially someone on her PR team who may manage several Twitter accounts (that would have been a better cover, Alicia!) but we’re thinking that this might be a big slip up on her part. Hopefully this isn’t reflected in her quarterly performance review!