Though many of us have been adding to our Facebook albums collection for several years now, it’s likely you’ve got bundles of photo albums sitting around your home. The really old ones might be yellowing or bending at the corners, right? It’s time to digitize those old snaps so they live on forever. You know it, but you might not know where to begin. Mashable recently shared 5 tips for doing just that.

See three of their suggestions below:

Invest in a scanner – Canon’s amazing CanoScan 9000F is on the pricey end but worth the money. Not only can it correct fading and backlight, but it can handle any size or print and even accepts slides and 35mm film! Kodak’s P8115 Personal Photo and Negative Scanner is a more affordable option that can work with wallet-size prints up to 8 x 10s.

Outsource the work – If you’re not into the idea of scanning hundreds of photos yourself, why not ship them to someone to do it for you? GoPhoto, Snapfish and ScanMyPhotos would all happily take on the challenge and will send you back a DVD or CD with the digital files. Prices are reasonable too ranging from $0.08 per photo to $0.44 per photo.

Get organized – Don’t stop at digitizing your old photos. Make sure you organize them properly! Shutterfly, Photobucket, Flickr, Google’s Picasa, and SmugMug are all solid options for archiving your images on the cheap.