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Wearable iPhone Headgear Can Read Your Mind

While Google is gearing up for to release Google Glass to the public, a new wearable technology is making headlines out ...

October 31, 2013 Apps, Cool, FutureTech, Gadgets, iPhone 5
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An Interactive Map Of Where Pretty Much Every Horror Movie Takes Place

Watching a horror movie is certainly creepy, but knowing a movie fictionally took place in a location near you? Now ...

October 31, 2013 Cool, Geek
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How You Can Hide Twitter’s New Photo Preview Feature

In the United States, Twitter feeds are now chock-full of images. Twitter recently implemented a new feature that ...

October 30, 2013 Apps, Social Media
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Woman Gets First Ever Traffic Ticket For Driving While Wearing Google Glass

It was only a matter of time before someone was pulled over for driving while wearing Google Glass – and the day ...

October 30, 2013 Crime, News
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Baby So Moved By Mother’s Singing That She Weeps

YouTube user Alain Leroux recently uploaded a video of a 10-month-old girl that went viral today. The clip features a ...

October 29, 2013 Social Media, Video
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Infographic: 170 Years Of Audio Apparatuses

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? Music lovers, in particular, will enjoy Pop Chart Lab’s latest offering ...

October 29, 2013 Cool, Gadgets, Geek
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Never-Before-Seen Star Wars Footage Shows Up On Facebook Thanks To Mega Fan

Star Wars geeks, rejoice! Last week, never-before-seen footage from Return of the Jedi showed up out of nowhere on ...

October 28, 2013 Geek, Social Media, Video
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A Robot That Prints On Your Grass

How cool would it be to leave a message for the neighbours on your lawn? Thanks to this robotic lawnmower, you don’t ...

October 28, 2013 Cool, Gadgets, Geek
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Buy Your Pal A Coffee Via Twitter Thanks To Starbucks

Buying a coffee for a friend – or a stranger – is a good deed. And Starbucks is making it even easier to do ...

October 28, 2013 Apps, Social Media
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Toy Robot Can Teach Programming To Your Child

Developers and code geeks the world over will be excited about Play-i’s toy robot duo. Not only are they great ...

October 28, 2013 Gadgets, Geek, Kid Tech