After a 2 year hiatus, New York art-rockers the Strokes are back with a new single.  “One Way Trigger” is a synth-laden jam that’s a little bit rock n’ roll and a little bit New Order full of romantic falsetto and killer axe guitar solos. Not bad, Strokes. Their recording sessions have been approved by none other than Strokes’ lead guitarist father Albert Hammond Sr., and the members have said that they have all had a hand in the songwriting process.  “We’re bringing in parts and ideas,” said member Nicolai Fraiture,  “and kind of just working on those and trying to make sense of them, coming from five different people.” Does “One Way Trigger” excite you or leave you cold? Are you stoked about another Strokes album? Stream the song which can also be obtained from the bands website in exchange for an email.