Tween Hollywood power couple Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are no longer, reports US Weekly. A source close to the couple claims “conflicting schedules” put an end to their relationship and adds that Selena had major trust issues when it came to her boyfriend. (Millions of sobbing girl fans can’t be wrong.) The couple had been dating for nearly two years, ever since they were spotted at an IHOP in November 2010. Some speculate that Bieber’s friendship with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin led to their breakup, after a tweet pointedly from Gomez (a sad face emotion!) accused Palvin of trying to steal her man. Tweeted the model: “Hey everyone. Please calm down. He is all yours!!… Friendship!… Last time I’m saying it. Please calm down. There is nothing going on w (with) him. I met him and did a pic w him. Wouldn’t u do the same?” While we’re betting that this is not the last of Gomez and Bieber’s romance, we’re excited to see the Biebs play the field.