Fun. who have made explosive waves this year with their Grammy-nominated album Some Nights, lent Lena Dunham’s HBO show Girls a hand. Their melancholy but still poppy track “Sight of the Sun” makes an appearance on the show’s Volume 1 soundtrack. While it was originally supposed to mark the show’s premiere, an unofficial sample forced them to chop it off. With some additional changes, the song is finally ready. Said frontman Nate Reuss about the re-recording: “I ended up rewriting the chorus and actually like it better than the sample now! We recorded most of this in Italy on a day off from tour and I just remember us eating an Italian feast at the studio and barely being able to communicate with the engineers, which was kind of cool because it eliminated all small talk and put the focus into the song.” But maybe it’s more: guitarist Jack Antonoff is also dating Girls’ showrunner and star Lena Dunham. Stream the track via Rolling Stone.