The country duo of Mike Robins and Tareya Green, better known as Autumn Hill, has already made a country swoosh with their infectious first single “Anything At All”. Both separately signed to pop/rock label Wax Records, the two solo acts stumbled on each other while at a label party, of which prompted the two to one-off and jam. The instant chemistry, didactic songwriting and equally stylish vocal chops stemming from each artist proved to be complimentary and the new country pair continued their music trail, this time together. “Anything At All” resonated well with audiences immediately, securing the single in a Top 10 spot on Canadian Country Radio charts.

“Mike and I had really good chemistry right away and that’s something truly special, the day we met there was just something that we knew was different and exciting and we want to create music that brings people through our time, through stories. At the Wax Records Christmas party we just said let’s do it and played and the reaction was really good right away, it just felt completely right to pursue more,” explains Tareya Green.

Tareya a native of Calgary and Mike hailing from Toronto were quick to keep the momentum going. Without wasting time the pair started planning their first full-length break into the country scene, and embarking to the epicentre of country music, Nashville, Tennessee, was a formative decision that soon took shape.

This past summer Autumn Hill indulged in the glory of everything country, taking in all they could in order to create a tangible piece of righteous music, something both could be proud of and spoke true of their own creative accord.

“You can’t help but be a sponge in Nashville, going there we both learned a lot about writing and good writing at that,” states Robins.

T: “Nashville is such an inspiring place to be, to just exist in, but you definitely have to be good enough.”

M: “It’s such a melting pot of talent, we didn’t want to get in a pigeonhole and at the same time we wanted to prove ourselves, so we made sure every moment spent was about us making a strong debut album.”

Autumn Hill has been on a steady climb ever since (with their first television performance on BC’s Global Morning in January), and have continued their appearances up on various hot ticket programs with the two songbirds even co-hosting CMT’s Canuck-coveted Chevrolet Top 20 Countdown.

There is some definite anticipation for their debut album to reflect all of these celebratory musings.

T: “The song ‘Favourite Mistake’ was written on the first day we met each other, I don’t think we thought too much about whether if our music was Canadian, Calgary, Toronto; it was more about being in the spirit of the music and to be honest we take sounds and style from a variety of music, for example Keith Urban, we took bits and pieces and together made what we felt inspired to make.”

M: “I feel like it (the record) formed itself, we try to be ourselves, I think you can get caught up if you think too much about making a specific sound or trying to impress a certain way. We definitely learned a lot about ourselves during the experience and the songs reflect that; we wanted to make what made sense to us – whether that’s about love or life, we just get lost in it all.”

M: “We wrote pretty fast too, again sometimes I think if artists expect it to be all ‘magical’ right away that it can lead to disappointment.”

M: “The album is really emotive and deep, we feel strongly about it, it explore various facets of relationships; it’s an album that’s intended to make you feel.”

Check out the official video for the first single below and keep on the lookout for their debut.