There are compilations, albums, EP’s that upon first listen you instantly need to wear out, but then so to are the ones that take weeks, months to compensate meaning — Yoko Ono’s ONO.MIX arguably falls into both listening zones.

ONO.MIX features 30 remixes that bring you through an evolution of time and beat, thought and retrospect, and the mix is curated by some of the richest electronic DJ/producers such as Peter Bailey, DJ Meme, Danny Tenaglia, Ralph Rosario and Basement Jaxx.

Like any good book it can be quite nice to savour it slowly.

A contention with electronic dance music (EDM) is that certain beat progressions can sound redundant to others, mirroring forms and manifesting within a medley of builds and drops; without reason sometimes that beat can become synonymous with another, spinning it into a fabrication instead of an original. But, then there’s Yoko.

Yoko Ono still holds a necessary virtue, one that has spanned over five decades.

When creativity begs Ono continually evolves and delivers and 2013 will see the revolutionist further expose heart through templates of socio-political and cultural relevance.

The music purveyor, who hones a flexibility in compositions stretching from avant-garde to punk, views electronic music as part of an encompassing body of being.

Electronic music is like one kind of water. All water has life, as long as it exists. Electronic music, also, exists without relying too much on its craft or style. It just is.

Music is it, in my life. Even when I am writing an essay or making an artwork, or just being alive, music is giving me the beat, rhythm and vibration.

On composing:

There is not much music that doesn’t get me excited. I am originally a classic/avant- garde composer. So that means even music with one note can excite me, depending on how it is expressed.

On choosing who would contribute remixes on ONO.MIX:

You’ll be surprised there are so many talented and creative mixers in this field. I am simply stunned by them all.

Yoko Ono’s catalogue of work wiggles through every sort of genre, her efforts are both contemporary and genre-bending  — and there is more to come.

Celebrations of her 80th birthday (Feb. 18) will be met with a special performance of Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band, which is fronted by Yoko’s son, Sean Ono Lennon. The event will take place at the renowned Volksbühne in Berlin on February 17.

Adding to the news is word of a brand new collaborative effort between Ono and legendary composer/producer Dave Audé, who has helped craft recordings for artists like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, U2, Madonna, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and Depeche Mode.

The new single “Hold Me” highlights the vivid candor often seen in Ono’s recordings and is met with a sharp and stylistic tempo, a song that will grace dance floors and closed quarters alike.  Already enlisted to work on the remix compilation of “Hold Me” are artists like Grammy Award-winning producer Ralphi Roasrio, hot ticket Dutch DJ/producer R3HAB, prog-house collective Papercha$er, Spain’s Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado, and go-to underground EDM star Tommie Sunshine. Audé himself also contributes to the collective of eclectic reworks.

Ono’s groundbreaking, visionary music has hungered cutting-edge acts to create their own reactionary remixes. Such include Pet Shop Boys, Flaming Lips, Antony and the Johnsons. Peaches, Cat Power and Felix Da Housecat.

A songstress, a daring pursuit creator, a music pioneer and a longstanding activist, Yoko Ono has helped spearhead evolutionary repertoire full of impression and substance. This elasticity of experimentation will continue, but if Ono had to tell her younger self one thing:

Don’t worry, it’s going to be alright. Your love for music will protect you and keep you active all your life.

Pick up ONO.MIX here.

“Hold Me” will be released Feb. 19 via Mind Train / Twisted Records and available via iTunes.

Music will always be alive, in whatever way possible. – Yoko Ono