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Timbaland to produce album of posthumous Michael Jackson songs

Though news of Michael Jackson has sadly been about his tragic death and the ensuing court case surrounding it – ...

August 30, 2013 Albums, Hip Hop, News, Pop Stars, Video

It’s Friday: watch Bill Murray sing a Dolly Parton song dressed as Liberace

Bill Murray, who was David Letterman’s first guest on the Late Show, appeared to celebrate the host’s 20th ...

August 30, 2013 Video, WTF
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Watch Moby and Wayne Coyne rock out on top of a rooftop with a bunch of hippies

Moby and Wayne Coyne might seem like an odd couple, until you see them on a rooftop at sunset flanked by a bunch of ...

August 29, 2013 Albums, Comebacks, Indie Rock, Video
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The Replacements reunite in Toronto after 22 years – watch their live set

Die-hard Replacements fans (including yours truly) basically had their brains explode when the beloved Minneapolis band ...

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Miley Cyrus twerks all over Robin Thicke at this year’s VMAs

Who knew that one day Billy Ray Cyrus and Alan Thicke would be simultaneously embarassed by their children’s ...

August 26, 2013 Awards, News, Pop Stars, Video, WTF
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Kanye speaks on his mother-in-law’s talk show, displays photo of North West

Kanye was an unusually polite guest on his mother-in-law’s talk show, The Kris Jenner show. The rapper stayed for ...

August 23, 2013 Hip Hop, News, Video
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Watch MGMT play a giant cowbell on David Letterman

We’re not sure what the hidden meaning of MGMT playing “Your Life Is A Lie” on David Letterman is ...

August 23, 2013 Indie Rock, Video
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Pearl Jam chase a lightning storm in new video for “Mind Your Manners”

Pearl Jam cause a natural disaster in a new music video for their Lightning Bolt single “Mind Your Manners ...

August 23, 2013 Albums, MP3s, Video
Taylor Swift's RED Tour - Los Angeles - 8/20/2013 Comments Off

Watch Taylor Swift and Tegan & Sara sing “Closer”

Taylor Swift is a not-so-secret Tegan & Sara fan. At her last concert in Los Angeles as part of her ...

August 21, 2013 Concerts, Indie Rock, Pop Stars, Video
John Mayer In Concert At The Comcast Center Comments Off

Watch John Mayer perform “Wildfire” wearing a headscarf on Letterman

John Mayer has dramatically changed his style for the release of his new album Paradise Valley, out today. On David ...

August 20, 2013 Albums, News, Pop Stars, Video